Mindfulness in Nashville Education  Past Events:

  • Co-hosted a Susan Kaiser-Greenland speaking and educational event for Nashville educators and counselors

  • Hosted Mindfulness without Borders Community Forum

  • Hosted an Inward Bound Mindfulness Education  (iBme) Teen Retreat

  • Presented and exhibited at the MNPS/Alignment Nashville Social and Emotional Learning Conference

Mindfulness in Nashville Education remembers and honors the life and spirit of Kathy Woods, who first convened this group in 2011. Her teachings and compassionate care for the well-being of all children live on in the hearts of those who knew her and in the work of this organization.

Mindfulness in Nashville Education hosted an iBme (Inward Bound Mindfulness Education) Teen Retreat, September 2014.  Retreat participants gather for a group photo.

Mindfulness in Nashville Education (MNE) is a collaboration between public and private school educators and community members who are committed to sharing and promoting mindful awareness practice in the lives of children.    

We hold bi-monthly meetings that are open to all who are interested in mindfulness with children.  Our meeting structure provides time for a shared sitting practice, time to share and learn from others, and time to explore and gather ideas and resources that can be used with children and youth.




"Mindfulness is the capacity to be alert and open to life experience as it occurs in a non-reactive, resilient, and compassionate way."  
~ Susan Kaiser Greenland


Mindfulness in Nashville Education